re-creating experiences in the wild
  My primary interest is in experiencing my subjects firsthand in the wild. I focus on painting subjects and scenes I have experienced in the wild rather than trying to paint animals I've only seen in captivity. On many of my field trips I use a sea kayak or a custom made floating blind as tools to experience the behaviors of wildlife up close. All this extra effort pays off in the long run because I get to see the intimate details of an animal's life that most people never see. Its that personal experience that inspires me to re-create an image for others to enjoy, more than the act of painting itself.
July 10, 2004


  Bart is working on a very large painting of a Leopard inspired by his trip to India. The painting will be the largest that he has ever done. Bart spent a great deal of time photographing the Leopard as the cat spent lots of time resting on a tree branch, and finally slowly climbing to the ground. The tree provided an interesting backdrop with its' intricate branch structure. Bart imediately saw a potential painting in the scene that he was capturing.  
  all images © Bart Rulon