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Most of the prints on this page were done in conjunction with Birdwatchers Digest covers, with exception to the Egret print, which was done for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Click on the thumbnail image, or the print title to view a larger version of the image and more details about the print.

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery (extra time needed if adding a remarque).

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Purchases are directed through the PayPal financial services. PayPal is a well-known online payment service that became popular via the ebay auction site.

The price of the prints include the cost of shipping.

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Remarques are available for all of the prints. Some are color and some are black and white. A few of them are done directly on the print paper while others are done on separate paper. Details are provided on each individual print and remarque page.

 Sunset View - Snowy Owl item# PR0003 

:: description ::

Every year, a few snowy owls winter in the Skagit Flats area near my home in Washington. Last winter, snowy owls were abundant because of low lemming populations farther north. Many of the owls frequented the Skagit Flats, but several chose Whidbey Island as their hunting grounds. I took advantage of this opportunity by spending countless hours watching and photographing the owls, which frequented the driftwood-covered shoreline of Whidbey Island depicted in my painting. Immature birds, such as the one shown here, are most likely to stray farthest south in winter.


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10" X 14" neutral pH, acid free $56.75 *

* price includes shipping costs within the United States only
* please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery (please allow extra time if adding a remarque)


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Snowy Owl in Flight
item# RM0301
size paper price
3" X 4" separate from print $50


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